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The InfraGard Program began in 1996 as a collaborative effort between private sector cyber professionals and the FBI field office in Cleveland, Ohio. The FBI later expanded the program to every field office in the country. In 2003 the private sector members of InfraGard formed the "InfraGard National Members Alliance" (INMA) The INMA is a non-profit Delaware LLC with 501(c)3 status. The INMA LLC is comprised of 86 separate 501(c)3 InfraGard Members Alliances (IMAs) that represent over 48,000 FBI-vetted, InfraGard Subject Matter Experts. The INMA has a dual-focus value proposition. It provides its members with unmatched opportunities to promote the physical and cyber security of their organizations through access to a trusted, national network of Subject Matter Experts from the public and private sectors. And, it provides government stakeholders, across the local, state, and Federal levels, with unmatched access to the expertise and experience of critical infrastructure owners and operators.
InfraGard Los Angeles is California Corporation with status as a 501(c)3. Its members are part of a national network of FBI- vetted volunteers who are critical infrastructure subject matter experts in one or more sectors. It provides a trusted forum for the real-time exchange of information, training and expertise related to the protection of critical infrastructure and key resources (CI/KR) from both physical and cyber threats. The Los Angeles alliance is over 2100 members strong. It is governed by a Board of Directors and is run by the Chapter Operational Management and Sector Coordinators.


A Word From Our Chapter President


Roger Rieger

5/23/2016 - Thank you to members and member businesses for your support and attendance at our new and reoccurring training. Each training event is updated to current and relevant intelligence as determined by the most recent threat matrix.

Into the future:

InfraGard LA (IGLA) continues as the largest and premiere member alliances in the nation. To maintain this growth we must meet the growth and demands of the new membership and deserved customer service to our long standing members. As well, we are required to present documentation and statistics to FBI, JRIC, our Grantor and INMA as justification of our existence and transparency in our fiduciary and management efforts.

To accomplish this we are using technology to meet these demands. You will soon see a new Website that will be current and relevant to our mission and day to day operations. This will include a digital infrastructure to streamline the training and event processes for announcements, RSVP, Certificate distribution and compilation of all statistics. We will also use the auto- captured data to create statistics for those who require them of us. We look forward to your feedback when this is implemented around June 1 2016.

IGLA is also working with UCLA Extension-Enterprise Risk Management Program to create an InfraGard Video Teleconference Communication network IVTC). This will allow InfraGard Training programs to be transmitted simultaneously in our area of operation. If successful, we could potentially expand It to other alliances who desire the best training possible.

Your Sector Chiefs have been working hard to build on Sector models that suit your industry and disciplines. Be on the lookout for sector specific meetings in the near future. InfraGard LA has begun working with the FBI Citizens Academy Alumni Association on a study to determine where our members intersect and how we can work closure together. Preliminary statistics have already Identified many commonalities in our membership and mission.

Moving on:

It is with a glad heart that we announce the retirement of FBI Special Agent Maureen O'Connell. After 25 years of decorated service and absolute resolve to stand between each of us and those who would do us harm, please join us in celebrating her transition to the private sector. Announcements will be forthcoming.

Thank each of you for making InfraGard LA the best and helping us to maintain this status.

Roger Rieger, President and CEO



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