InfraGard Membership

The InfraGard vetted membership consists of thousands of subject matter experts across all 16 critical infrastructures. These members include business professionals, academia, government, state, local and tribal government, law enforcement and military dedicated to support the mission and protection of our critical infrastructure.

As a member of one of the 84 local InfraGard Member Alliances (IMAs) you will gain an understanding of the threats posed by criminals and foreign adversaries. You will have access to information and tools that will equip you with the most current best practices.

Additional member benefits include:

  • Collaboration across InfraGard membership
  • Information sharing with FBI and Law Enforcement
  • Timely intelligence briefings
  • Identification, prioritization  and mitigation of vulnerabilities 
  • Development of incident response plans 
  • Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
  • Access to iGuardian 
  • Training and education programs
  • Discounts to local seminars and conferences

Does it cost to join InfraGard?

It costs nothing to join. In part, InfraGard is supported by voluntary member donations. This support is invaluable in the fight against threats to our infrastructure.

You can make a donation at any time.

Why Join InfraGard?

Along with your InfraGard membership comes great responsibility. We value active members who are willing to devote their time, effort and talent to help build this organization and achieve our goals of protecting the American people. You will be a representative of the nation's largest volunteer organization dedicated to critical infrastructure protection.

InfraGard is an organization dedicated to the protection of the United States and the American people. In order to maintain a level of trust within the membership, all applicants undergo a background check performed by the FBI (for this reason InfraGard membership is currently limited to United States citizens). Applications are then screened according to a defined criteria by the local FBI field office and in some instances the unit which oversees the InfraGard Program at FBI Headquarters.



We appreciate your support of our efforts to sharing intelligence and integrating assets with local, state, federal and tribal resources. By your gift, you are making a difference in our Los Angeles 7-County area.

No goods or services were exchanged as a result of this gift.

Tax ID#: 73-1735074 Group#: 5278

Donor Guidelines for Corporate Donors and other contributors (includes donation receipt form).

Become an InfraGard Los Angeles Region Member

Before you fill out your application, please read the InfraGard Code of Ethics and browse the other Policies and Procedures.
  As a member of InfraGard, you will be expected to abide by these guidelines.
  STEP 1
  To fill out an application:
    1. Go to (opens in new  window)
    2. Complete the form. 
    3. Follow the instruction.
  Once submitted, your application will be processed as quickly as possible. You will be notified of your InfraGard membership
  status. While your application is being processed, you are encouraged to attend open chapter meetings.
  The following United States Government-issued security clearances are qualified substitutes for the records check required
  for InfraGard membership:
   • Confidential 
   • Secret 
   • Top Secret  
  An InfraGard applicant/member may submit evidence of their possession of one of the above clearances to expedite the
  initial processing and periodic renewal of their InfraGard membership.  
  If you would like an update on your application status, contact Reggie Canale-Miles at 310-629-9802.
  STEP 2
  Feel free to make a voluntary contribution via the "Donations" button  for credit cards or PayPal,
  or by check to: 
 InfraGard LA
 C/O Katherine Gluck CPA
 703 Pier Avenue #B621
 Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
  BE SURE to include member name(s) on the check for credit to be applied correctly.  Dues submitted without members name
  or Infragard ID will be accepted as donations.