What is InfraGard?

The InfraGard program is a public/private cooperative effort dedicated to improving our national security. InfraGard consists of Chapters throughout the United States and has thousands of members. The FBI leads the U.S. Government side of InfraGard.

The private sector side of InfraGard is led by a non-profit corporation, the InfraGard National Members Alliance, which consists of local InfraGard Members Alliances (IMAs) throughout the country. An InfraGard “Chapter” refers to the local FBI, the local IMA, and the local InfraGard members working together. “InfraGard” is a registered service mark of the FBI.

President’s Message

R. Rieger, President InfraGard Los Angeles
R. Rieger
President and CEO

Dear InfraGard Los Angeles Members, Partners and Donors,

With our lives still in flux over COVID and the threats it poses to every critical sector, InfraGard L.A. is stepping up our outreach with the best virtual training in the nation. Having transitioned from in-person meetings to virtual, we have expanded our Quarterly Sector Threat Briefings, and Trainings to all 70,000 InfraGard Members in 77 Chapters. We have also partnered with the FBI Los Angeles Citizens Academy Alumni Association and Domestic Security Alliance Council to provide and share information throughout our region and nationally.

Providing outreach for the FBI and the two fusion centers in Los Angeles and Orange County respectively requires us to provide timely, current, and relevant information to you. In addition, our members and key partners offer local and regional business and industry threats and concerns that FBI and our training arm addresses in our training and outreach.

In 2020 InfraGard L.A. conducted 33 certificate trainings, briefings, and panel discussions. These successes are a catalyst to our goals for 2021. For instance, our 1st 2021 event on January 13; (Quarterly Threat Brief: Cyber Threats to Third Party Service Providers), had 1,300 registrants. As for our training, we are integrating a cross sector training model that demonstrates the need for cross sector information sharing and networking across sectors and industries. We have also procured CPE credits for our current training.

You can see the 2020 training schedule at InfraGardLosAngeles.org/infragard-pastevents.shtml. The 2021 schedule is building on the success of those events and in line with the FBI Threat Matrix as well as local and regional perceived threats. This year’s repeat training is always updated to the most recent real-time threats while new training is reviewed for its relevance and response to emerging threats.

While the challenges of COVID continue, InfraGard L.A. is staying focused on the efforts to protect the critical infrastructures and key resources that you, your businesses and industries represent. If you are not a member yet, consider the benefits your free membership affords you!

Stay Safe – Stay Healthy!

R. Rieger
President and CEO
InfraGard Los Angeles Members Alliance
FBI Los Angeles Division

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Office of Private Sector

InfraGard Los Angeles News

    10/11/2021 to 10/27/2021
  • Digital Currencies - An Introduction & the Threat Landscape – [Encore Recordings] ONLINE - Due to popular demand, this course is being offered in recorded format on multiple dates and times. Please see the Events page the the presentation that fits your schedule.   Details
  • 10/14/2021 to 11/7/2021
  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Level 4 – Sources & Content – [Encore Recordings] ONLINE - Due to popular demand, this course is being offered in recorded format on multiple dates and times. Please see the Events page the the presentation that fits your schedule.   Details
  • 8/24/2021 to 9/30/2021
  • Insider Threat Awareness and Best Practices - 9/29/2021 ONLINE - This course is an introduction to how to best assess the needs of your organization, and the general first steps to form an insider threat program.    Details
  • 9/10/2021 to 10/5/2021
  • Digital Currencies: An Introduction & the Threat Landscape - 10/4/2021 ONLINE - This course will introduce the audience to cryptocurrency, its pros and cons, its uses, and will discuss the nefarious utilization by organized threat groups.    Details
  • 9/13/2021 to 10/13/2021
  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Level 4 – Sources & Content - 10/12/2021 ONLINE - Building on Levels 1 to 3, this course leverages some abstract techniques to collect OSINT.    Details
  • 9/23/2021 to 10/21/2021
  • Digital Exhaust - 10/20/2021 ONLINE - This course identifies possible adversaries and the techniques that they use against us to learn more about us in an effort to use our own data as a weapon.    Details
  • 10/7/2021 to 11/10/2021
  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Level 5 – OSINT REPORTS & Dissemination - 11/9/2021 ONLINE - During this course, we will examine Intelligence collection and capture techniques then transition into the OSINT Lifecycle. The course is topped off with a discussion about report writing for a variety of audiences.    Details

Current Member Alert

As a reminder, members are required to log into the InfraGard portal on a regular basis. Members who have not logged into the portal in over a year are considered “dormant” and are at risk of having their InfraGard membership discontinued. Please log into the InfraGard portal at www.infragard.org and if necessary follow the “need help” steps to re-set your password and username located in green in the login portion of the page. Any additional InfraGard portal questions can be directed to infragardteam@fbi.gov.

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85% of America’s critical infrastructures and key resources (CIKR) are owned by the private sector, but law enforcement is charged with protecting them in order to keep our country functioning. The need for a partnership between CIKR stakeholders and law enforcement is obvious and critical. lnfraGard Los Angeles provides a vehicle for that partnership through a trusted forum for the exchange of information pertinent to CIKR protection. InfraGard members operate in all 16 DHS Critical Infrastructure Sectors as well as Los Angeles region-specific ones.

Member Alert

InfraGard Los Angeles members are reminded that it is necessary to log into the national portal at least every 90 days to maintain active membership. Visiting this chapter website is encouraged, but does not serve to keep your membership active.

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