What is InfraGard?

InfraGard is a partnership of individuals representing businesses, academic institutions, state and local law enforcement agencies, and communities who are dedicated to collaborating and sharing information to prevent hostile acts against the United States.

Today, there are 45,000+ members in over 80 local chapters represented nationally by the InfraGard National Members Alliance. These members work with the FBI to help protect the nation’s critical infrastructure from computer intrusions, physical security breaches, and other attacks. Each FBI field office works with at least one chapter to discuss threats and share experiences and best practices.

President’s Message

Roger Rieger, President InfraGard Los Angeles
Roger Rieger
President and CEO

Dear InfraGard Los Angeles Members, Partners and Donors,

It is with great pleasure that we end the InfraGard Los Angeles (IGLA) 2017 business year with continued success.

InfraGard Los Angeles is grateful to LA Sheriff, Joint Regional Intelligence Center, FBI Los Angeles Division and all our government collaborators whose information sharing, and participation support the InfraGard mission.

Donors afford us food, beverages and promotional items during our programs and training events. If you are representing an organization that wishes to expand on what you learn and the information that is provided through advanced training, please contact any IGLA staff or FBI Coordinator to express your interest to become an advertised donor.

Over the past year, InfraGard Los Angeles has accomplished each of its mandated training modules and several new advanced programs that address the changing threat matrix affecting the individual sectors and the many industries in them. As well, we have many IGLA members involved in the National Members Alliance Special Interest Groups (SIG). IGLA is leading the way with its own Cyber Intelligence Group (CIG) that offers cyber intelligence to member business cyber-attacks on their digital assets. This pilot program continues to provide more new tips and leads since its inception. Because of this pilot program along with subject matter expert support for the FBI and INMA, IGLA IT Sector Chief Cliff Vazquez earned the Sector Chief of the Year Award in an 80-Chapter field of competition.

With the many tragic incidents in our country, InfraGard Los Angeles stands out for supporting the investigation teams of the Las Vegas Route 91 Harvest Festival massacre on October 1. FBI Los Angeles utilized the private sector response support mechanism of IGLA to offer law enforcement in Las Vegas basic needs associated with unfunded food, lodging and commodities for responding agency personnel. This IGLA effort expresses the nation’s gratitude for the sacrifice of responders and their families whose personal lives stop when a catastrophe calls them to respond. IGLA provides training for response to these tragic events and is offering an ‘Active Shooter Survival kit’ for sale on completion of our PAR training.

The IGLA Sector Chief program is the most active in the nation with the individual Sector Chief efforts that include all sectors and industries to unite our 3,000 members in a common cause and collaborative alliance. There is one quarterly Sector specific event each quarter that is enhancing member participation and involvement. It is always a collaboration of at least two sector chiefs and the membership at large is invited to participate. This provides for industry and company specific needs.

The 2018 strategic plan will maintain the successes we have made and build on the new ideas from new members and leadership within.

Be Safe! If you see something – say something.

Roger Rieger
President and CEO
InfraGard Los Angeles Members Alliance
FBI Los Angeles Division

Active shooter mitigation video

InfraGard Los Angeles News

  • Addressing Targeted School Violence & Responding to Mass Casualty Events 5/10/2018 This class will provide critical information on behavioral pre-incident indicators of targeted school violence and threat management strategies. It also includes lessons learned from past mass casualty incidents.    Details
  • Faith & Education Sectors Security Conference 5/23/2018 Topics will include a look at the Sutherland Church shooting, verbal de-escalation techniques and critical incident responses.   Details

InfraGard Membership Alert

InfraGard Los Angeles members are reminded that it is necessary to log into the national portal at least every 90 days to maintain active membership. Visiting this chapter website is encouraged, but does not serve to keep your membership active.

85% of America’s critical infrastructures and key resources (CIKR) are owned by the private sector, but law enforcement is charged with protecting them in order to keep our country functioning. The need for a partnership between CIKR stakeholders and law enforcement is obvious and critical. lnfraGard Los Angeles provides a vehicle for that partnership through a trusted forum for the exchange of information pertinent to CIKR protection. InfraGard members operate in all 16 DHS Critical Infrastructure Sectors as well as Los Angeles region-specific ones.