About the InfraGard Los Angeles Region

The InfraGard Program began in 1996 as a collaborative effort between private-sector cyber professionals and the FBI field office in Cleveland, Ohio. The FBI later expanded this program to every field office in the country. In 2003, the private-sector members of InfraGard formed the “InfraGard National Members Alliance” (INMA) The INMA is a non-profit Delaware LLC with a 501(c)3 status. The INMA LLC is comprised of 86 separate 501(c)3 InfraGard Members Alliances (IMAs) that represent over 45,000 FBI-vetted, InfraGard Subject Matter Experts. The INMA has a dual-focus value proposition. It provides its members with unmatched opportunities to promote and enhance their organization’s physical and cyber security through access to a trusted, national network of Subject Matter Experts from the public and private sectors. Additionally, it provides government stakeholders across local, state, and Federal levels with unmatched access to the expertise and experience of critical infrastructure owners and operators. InfraGard Los Angeles is a California Corporation with a 501(c)3 status. Its members are part of a national network of FBI-vetted volunteers who are Subject Matter Experts in critical infrastructure for at least one sector. InfraGard Los Angeles provides a trusted forum for the real-time exchange of information, training, and expertise related to the protection of critical infrastructure and key resources (CI/KR) from both physical and cyber threats. The Los Angeles Alliance is over 3,200 members strong. It is governed by a Board of Directors and is run by the Chapter Operational Management and Sector Coordinators.

Our Mission

We are a private sector organization sharing information and intelligence and integrating assets with local, state, and federal resources for the protection of our nation’s critical infrastructure.

Board of Directors

  • Phil Siegel - President
    InfraGard LA
  • Roger Rieger - Chief Executive Officer
    InfraGard LA
  • Shawnee Critides - Exec. Vice President
    So. Cal Edison (ret.)
  • Will Michael - Corporate Treasurer
  • Josh Bashioum - Board Member
  • Stan Skipworth - Board Member
  • C. Santor - Governance Chair
    Metropolitan Water District of So. Cal. (ret.)


  • Maureen O'Connell
    FBI (Ret.)
  • Fred Simon
    FBI (Ret.)
  • Special Agent & Intelligence Analyst Coordinator
    Federal Bureau of Investigation

Operational Regions

Covering seven counties and thousands of members, the Los Angeles chapter of InfraGard is the largest in the nation.

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Member Alert

InfraGard Los Angeles members are reminded that it is necessary to log into the national portal at least every 90 days to maintain active membership. Visiting this chapter website is encouraged, but does not serve to keep your membership active.

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