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Human Trafficking: A Discussion of an Age-old Crime

TIME: 10:30 AM – 2:30 PM PST

LOCATION:Near the Port of Los Angeles. The exact location will be announced solely to cleared registrants on 12/6.

AUDIENCE: Business leaders; federal, state, county & local law enforcement and intelligence officers; US military; academics; private security professionals; and all members of InfraGard.

DETAILS:Join the InfraGard Los Angeles Transportation Sector in an interactive discussion about human trafficking within the FBI Los Angeles area of responsibility. We shall explore the links between organized crime and the nexus to counter-terrorism efforts. As this event falls on one of our nation’s most somber moments, our colors will be formally presented. We will then take a moment to reflect upon the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

COST: Free - Lunch is not included. Registration closes December 3rd.

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Terrorism Recognition, Awareness and Prevention Partnership (TRAPP)

TIME: 8:00 am OR 1:00 pm

LOCATION:City of Anaheim - Location provided upon registration.

AUDIENCE: Public/Private/First Responders/Non-sworn Security Personnel and Security Managers

DETAILS:TRAPP is a powerful training event that puts the power of knowledge and understanding behind the “see something, say something campaign.” Terrorist attacks are horrible, but too many times we discover they were also preventable. Suspicious Activity wasn’t recognized, and how to securely report it wasn’t understood, and pre-incident indicators were simply missed.

About 75% of TRAPP is aimed at understanding terrorism, especially the pre-incident indicators of terrorist actions, and 25% understanding the system in place for reporting, both the fusion centers and FBI.  It’s about building an appreciation of the threat, and how to leverage the system in place to stop it.  It’s about stopping the next San Bernardino, Colorado Springs, Chattanooga, Charleston or Boston Marathon attack. Registration closes December 17th.

COST: Free

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Report Suspicious Activity
JRIC - Contact the JRIC (Los Angeles Joint Regional Intelligence Center) Critical Infrastructure Protection Working Group. To request a security vulnerability assessment, email
ICS-CERT - The Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team works to reduce risks within and across all critical infrastructure sectors.
US-CERT - The US-CERT strives for a safer, stronger Internet for all Americans by responding to major incidents, analyzing threats, and exchanging critical cybersecurity information with trusted partners around the world.
IC3 - The Iinternet Crime Complaint Center accepts online internet crime complaints from either the actual victim or from a third party to the complaint.
NCSC - The National Counterintelligence and Security Center provides resources to help keep your organization’s information secure.
CIPWG - The mission of the Critical Infrastructure Protection Working Group is to analyze intelligence related to threats against Critical Infrastructure/Key Resources (CIKR) in the JRIC Are of Responsibility (AoR), conduct security vulnerability assessments at those CIKR sites and conduct outreach to enhance information sharing among public and private partners.

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